The begin ing of 108 ambulance services

  • The begin ing of 108 ambulance services
  • Emergency & critical service of 108 started in this way
  • We take a privilege to bring to your kind notice some of the facts for kind Information

First in the year 2004 the proposal which had come out by certain experts was ”SENSE REACH CARE “Module based on “GOLDEN HOUR CONCEPT” for which the father of Golden hour concept is sir ADAM COWELY with 132 types of emergencies were identified and proposed to Sri Ramalinga RajuGaru chairman Satyam Computers.the proposals were submitted and later a team of experts who were Present in those days concluded that the standards should not be less than the international standards equally to 911 SERVICES IN AMERICA and worked on it for a period of one year on toll free telephonic services, Desing of ambulance Design of Logo, protocols on Medical Emergencies, Requirement of Scientific Equipments, and Regarding Participation and involvement of Government on all these requirements the experts examined carefully and finally could able to succeed on all these aspects.

On 2nd April 2005 the first MOU had signed between the state government and EMRI and as desired the Information Technology were made available by July 14th 2005.

The experts also concluded that if the Launch is proposed by 15th August it is needed at least 30ALS Ambulance (Advance Life Supporting) and 40 BLS Ambulance (Basic Life Supporting)

As there was a need of recognition through out the nation the proposal of 108 was submitted to GOI for grant for emergency services by GOI. GOI accepted permission was granted and ultimately it had started The services initially in united Andhra Pradesh in the year 2005 on 15th August by eminent personalities the Chief Guest was Honorable Central Minister for Communications Sir. Dayanidhi Mran Ji and the Guest of Honor Late Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Y S Rajashaker Reddy Garu and Sri. K Roshaiah Garu Honorable Minister for Health & Finance and the Chief Secretary Sri Mohan Khanda Ji had Inaugurated in the presence of huge crowd at Grand kakathia Hotel Hyderabad 12 years ago the 108 Ambulance Services Program was Inaugurated Successfully

Initially the services of 108 Ambulance were started with just 15 vehicles and with in short period it expanded in 10 major states in our country with a number of 4000 Ambulance,12years back and later it expanded throughout our country with unique service of 108 Ambulance, we feel very proud and honored to start firstly in united A.P

  • There are three cadres providing facility services in the 108 Ambulance Services
    • 1.The First Respondent is ERO(Emergency Response Officer)
    • 2.EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
    • 3.PILOT (Ambulance Driver)

Presently in our state of Telangana 319, 108-Ambulances are operating through GVK EMRI with 16BACK UP vehicles an overall 335 Vehicles are operating and FUNDED 100% by our Telangana Government. the staff are providing selfless services throughout our Telangana state